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Tilapia fish is favored by fish farmers because of its ability to grow fast. Read More


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Nile Perch

The Nile perch (Lates niloticus) is a species of freshwater fish. Read More

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Geossy is prepared to stand behind any project we develop. Our team can train a select group of local skilled and unskilled laborers and aquaculture experts, with the ultimate goal of handing the project off to the local management team once the operation is running smoothly. A typical transition period is anywhere from 1-6 months depending on the species and situation.
Our reputation is on the line every time we undertake a new project and our belief is that if we remain truly independent and remain true to the best interests of the project, we will be able to extend our excellent track record of successful projects and happy clients.
Geossy has empowered fishing communities to do cage fish farming as a business instead of wild fish hunting.
Over the last two years We have trained over 1,000 fishermen, women and youths in the fishing communities and established 50 small holder running cages with a production capacity of 50 ton per year generating USD 115,000 and impacting over 2,500 people
For feasible projects, our team will continue to deliver key technical support and leadership to ensure the project is developed in the right way using the latest project management methodologies.
While no commercial aquaculture project is too big for us, we do have a minimum project size requirement of USD 0.3 million, which we feel is the absolute minimum required investment required for commercial aquaculture development.