Afrihealth Pharmaceuticals Ltd supplies veterinary drugs to Veterinary drug shops and Clinics

Afrihealth Supplies drugs to 477 Veterinary drug shops, 207 Human medicine Clinics and Drug shops in Eastern Uganda.

Monitor animals.

Examine and give treatment

Deliver drugs

Veterinary drugs and medical drugs to Vet, Medical Drug shops and Clinics.

Train farmerss

Train farmers on basic disease identification, treatment, prevention and good farming procedures.

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Community Impact

1.making dugs available

Supply medical drugs to over 565 medical drug shops and clinics making dugs available to communities and improving the health status

2.disease identification, treatment and prevention

Trained 333 farmers on disease identification, treatment and prevention therefore reducing the animal mortality rate

3.Increased income status of farmers

There is an ncreased income status of farmers as their animals produce high yields

2.Reducing the cost of access

Supply of veterinary and human drugs directly to communities reducing the cost of coming to vend in town.

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Post Office Building, Plot 19A,P.O Box 21, Tororo,Uganda.

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Uganda +256 783230555 / 701716083

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