Geossy Boosts 500 Women income

Geossy is a commercial aquaculture farm based in Tororo and Busia Districts, Eastern region of Uganda. We produce fish tilapia for sale to local and regional markets as well as fish feeds and fingerlings for own consumption and sale to local fish farms. Geossy currently owns a 8MT feed mill, license to farm in Lake Victoria in Majanji 9.5 acre hatchery .& owns a 50year Geossy’s turnover in 2016 was ~$187K; it sold 14MT of fish, 63MT of feed & 642MT of fingerlings Geossy currently employs 19 permanent and 5 casual staff and supplies fish to a network of 135 local fish vendors mainly comprising youth and women...

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Geossy Buys a new feed mill

Geossy is committed in increasing access of fish to the market in Eastern Uganda and Western Kenya through commercial cage fish farming. Through our partner Fledge, a Seattle based accelerator, Geossy was able to purchase a new fish feed extruder that produces 400kg floating fish feed per hour reducing power consumption by 300% and labour by 3 times.

The new machine boost has enabled us to supply fish farmers supported by Red Cross and government with ease. With the increased feed production per hour, we are able to sustain our feed need as we scale up with 100,000 fish stock per month for the next 17months. ..

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Geossy Saves Uganda from Fish Scarcity

The Fish Are Gone There are no wild fish left in Lake Victoria. At least 1.5 million people in Uganda in the fishing industry, from fishermen to retailers have lost their jobs. Meanwhile the demand for fish exceeds 500 million tons per year, but the need goes unmet. The lack of fish has accelerated child labor, early marriages, school dropouts, etc., empowering a vicious cycle of chronic poverty. Over-fishing, water pollution and illegal fishing practices like fish poisoning have created this problem. Invasion of water hyacinth has only exacerbated the problem. The Ugandan government’s reaction has been to crack down on illegal fishing, burning nets and jailing fishermen Replacing the Lost Fish Geossy is addressing the lack of wild fish through fish farming, innovating with low cost, efficient techniques that can be implemented in Eastern Uganda at a scale to meet the demand...

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