Get to know about Geossy

Geossy is a commercial aquaculture farm based in Tororo District, Eastern region of Uganda which produces table-fish for sale to local and regional markets as well as fish feeds and fingerlings for own consumption and sale to local fish farms. Geossy currently owns a 8 metric tone feed mill, leased 20-acres hatchery & owns a 50-years commercial fish license to farm in Lake Victoria, Majanji District.

After realizing the Ugandan fishing industry was decimated by poor practices, over fishing, lack of regulation, processing factories close, communities run out work, natural fish and food supplies diminish and the expense of starting a fishing business climb, Geossy decided to make a difference. With passion and commitment Geossy invented new affordable cage fishing system, created new process for acquiring baby fish (a.k.a. fry) and fish food, and developed training and education programs to empower fishing communities to farm fish using low cost locally made cages.
When We saw the fish scarcity, fishermen shot, law enforcing officers burn fish of women vending fish, fish nets of fishermen, women and youths burnt and the owners taken to jail leaving the children in pain, child labor, early marriages, poor sanitation and HIV rates high, poor infrastructure in fishing communities and government pays no attention, it became a great need and obstacle making us creative and this problem became an opportunity to Geossy to get up solve it through cage fish farming in fishing communities making the fishermen commercial fish farmers rather than fish hunters.
Realizing that the major problems in fish farming are fish feeds and fingerlings Geossy took an abandoned swimming pool and converted it into a fish hatchery. This involved a steep learning curve that he has mastered and now trains others. We innovated and created an affordable echo-friendly fish cage using local materials, and invented a fish food processing methodology that greatly reduced the cost of fish food which is being supplied to local fishermen as a more-affordable solution. These are only a couple examples of my initiative and creativity.
Many are acknowledging these qualities and initiatives as we seek outside sources to help me grow as a professional to gain training, insights and raise funds for my innovations.

Our Team

Geossy has access to some of the most highly skilled and experienced aquaculture engineers in the industry